Adult Discussion Group – Dietrich Bonhoeffer Pt. 1 – Jim Duffy w/ video

January 16 8:30 - 9:45 am  |  Assembly Hall

703 S Peck Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

Adult Discussion Group
Sunday (January 9th) we begin a 2-part discussion about the German theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, an extremely important German theologian from one of German’s most socially elite families, who was ultimately executed at the direction of Adolf Hitler. In 1930 at age 24, upon completing his Doctor of Theology degree, he came to America and settled in Harlem, NY (the total opposite culturally from his German upbringing). This first part (Jan 9th) will be presented by Jim Duffy, augmented by a PBS video. The second part (January 16th) which deals with Dietrich’s subsequent life in Nazi Germany, leading the Christian opposition to Hitler, will be presented by Rev. Baugh. All are welcome. We begin at 8:30 AM in the Assembly Hall or on zoom at