The Maasai Women Dairy, a worker co-operative of 4,000 women, provides critical income to sustain rural Maasai communities in Kenya.

The dairy rainfall storage project was selected as MBCC’s 2013-14 overseas effort because it provides additional water, thus helping to increase and stabilize milk production (and agriculture) in this arid, parched land. This benefits some of the poorest of the poor.  The most cost effective means of buffering the dairy against the long dry seasons and frequent droughts is the use of household dams (also called earthen dams).

This effort, funded by MBCC, will accomplish the following:

  • Construct household dams for rainwater catchment within the dairy’s grazing area; these dams will be used primarily to grow the agricultural crops used to feed the dairy’s livestock
  • Rehabilitate existing household dams
  • Promote the acquisition, installation, and use of water storage tanks for domestic (human) use
  • Train young men to build and maintain these household dams and to install water storage tanks.   Once trained, these men will be an enduring legacy of this project, benefiting future generations.

For more information, see the video and description.

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