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Join us for a lively, in-depth, single-topic, 70-minute discussion, typically featuring a knowledgeable authority. Share your views during the Q&A period. 8:30 AM every Sunday in the Assembly Hall.


Adult Discussion Group: Islamd - A Comparative Religion Perspective

Date & Time: Sunday, April 30, 2017 - 8:30am

On April 30th our topic will be “Islam — A Comparative Religion Perspective” by LMU’s Prof. Amir Hussain.  This concludes a 3-part series on the major western religions begun by Dr. Hussain in January.  Dr. Hussain is a practicing Muslim and yet he is married to a Protestant (Methodist) and teaches at a Catholic University (Loyola Marymount).  He will make comparisons and contrasts among Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  He will also focus on the aspects of Islam, from its beginning to the present day, that are most interesting and moving to him.



ADG: Mormonism in Everyday Life by Eric & Maddie Bell

ADG: Pontius Pilate by Dr. Gary Hartzell

On April 9th our speaker, Dr. Gary Hartzell, will discuss ”Pontius Pilate”.   Gary will provide the background and profile of this ruler who, along with Herod Antipas, played the decisive role in determining Jesus’ fate in his final week before crucifixion. Gary discusses what motivated Pilate, and he explains the larger context in which Jesus’ crucifixion occurred. All ages are welcome. We meet at 8:30 AM in the Assembly Hall.

ADG: In Defense of Food_ An Eater's Manifesto

ADG: What I learned During My Three Years in Washington, DC by Alden Munson

On March 26th, Alden Munson will discuss, “What I Learned During My Three Years in Washington, DC.”  Alden is an advisor to the U.S. intelligence community, has worked in senior management at Litton and TRW, and is a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute of Policy Studies.  He will talk about how the Federal Government really works, including processes that Alden had not completely understood in his preceding 40 years in the defense and intelligence industry.  He will give one example from the executive branch and another from Congress and then discuss some resulting questions.  We begin at 8:30 AM in the Assembly Hall.  All ages are welcome.

Adult Discussion Group: Conversation on Death and Grief by Jean Whitcomb

On March 19, our speaker will be Jean Whitcomb, a member of this church and a retired Minister of Christian Education. “Conversation on Death and Grief” will be a follow-up to her January 29, “Explaining Death to Children”, and will offer opportunity for questions time did not permit in the previous gathering.  (If you attended the January meeting, please bring along your hand-outs.)  The requested bibliography of the books displayed will be available at the March meeting, 8:30 AM in the Assembly Hall.

ADG: TechnoServe Results in Kenya; Pivot to Peru

Jim begins by giving some background about TechnoServe and MBCC’s 37-year history of supporting it. He then discusses the results of our just-completed project for building earthen dams for the Maasai Women’s Dairy in drought-plagued Kenya. The resulting stored water enables livestock to continue producing milk for the dairy in spite of long periods of drought. Jim then discusses our upcoming project for training women cocoa (chocolate) growers in Peru. This training has proven very effective for raising crop yields and income for male cocoa growers. This training will now be adapted to working mothers who grow cocoa, and we will fund an initial class of 100 women to prove out the training approach.

Adult Discussion Group - The Unsettlers: In Search of the Good Life in Today's America

Mark Sundeen will read from and discuss his new book, The Unsettlers: In Search of the Good Life in Today’s America.  In the book, he examines the search of a simple lifestyle, as chronicled in the stories of three contemporary “pioneer” families, each in different parts of the U.S.. He also searches for the source of inspiration of each family to seek or create a more meaningful existence.   Mark is a graduate of Mira Costa High School, where he was named to the first MCHS Hall of Fame class,  and Stanford University. He has authored five books and numerous articles, including several in the New York Times, Outside Magazine, and National Geographic Adventure Magazine.  All are welcome. Coffee and donuts are available. 


ADG: Christianity - A Comparative Religion Perspective by Dr. Amir Hussain

Prof. Hussain, who teaches comparative religion at Loyola Marymount University

, talks about the creation of the New Testament, especially the four Gospels.  He briefly discusses the canonization of the New Testament, including the choice of documents that were included /excluded from it and the rationale for doing so..  He also compares Christianity to its Old Testament roots and to Rabbinical Judaism, which evolved at roughly the same time.

"Remaking the Turbulent Middle East"

On February 5, “Remaking the Turbulent Middle East” will be our topic, led by LMU’s Prof. Feryal Cherif. With the Arab Spring now almost a forgotten memory, with civil war continuing to devastate Syria, with ISIS still a threat, the Middle East seems to be in constant upheaval with no lasting solution.  Dr. Cherif will help us sort this out.  All are welcome.  We meet in the Assembly Hall at 8:30 a.m.

Adult Discussion Group - The 2nd and 3rd Crusades

On New Year’s Day, our topic will be The 2nd and 3rd Crusades, featuring a History Channel video about an epic series of religious wars in the Middle Ages in which Europeans, urged on by the Pope and led by Richard the Lion Hearted, attempted to capture and hold Jerusalem, freeing it from Islamic forces, led by Saladin.  This is a follow-up to our November 27th presentation about the 1st Crusade.  Motivations for the war were mixed and complex, and we are still living with the consequences.  Join us at 8:30 am in the Fireside Room.  All are welcome.

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