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Join us for a lively, in-depth, single-topic, 70-minute discussion, typically featuring a knowledgeable authority. Share your views during the Q&A period. 8:30 AM every Sunday in the Assembly Hall.


"Heal the Bay" by Nancy Shrodes

Date & Time:Sunday, July 22, 2018 - 8:30am

On July 22, Nancy Shrodes from Heal the Bay will lead the discussion and slide presentation. Are you aware of the myriad of issues facing our Bay? Come to Nancy’s presentation on storm water pollution to learn how trash and bacteria get to the beach, and how you can help Heal the Bay make positive changes for a healthier environment. Nancy is the Associate Director of Policy & Outreach at Heal the Bay. She will be discussing the importance of the ocean, causes and consequences of ocean pollution, and solutions we can all partake in. Nancy is a native Angeleno who was raised in the MBCC community. She sang in the church choir beginning when she was four years old and participated in musical theater throughout her youth- from “lead sheep” in the Nativity, to Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. She was very active in the youth group, and did most of her volunteering through the church. All are welcome. Donuts, coffee, and tea available.


15July18: "Religion and Science" by Rev. Matthew Baugh

Rev. Matthew Baugh discusses the conflict between science and religion. Specifically, he talks about the view that scientific reasoning can best explain our world and the opposing view that religious thinking provides the best explanation. He sites the writings and opinions of numerous people on both sides of the issue. He then discusses the middle ground and its adherents.

8 July 18: "All Peoples Community Center" by Saundra Bryant

Saundra Bryant, executive director of All Peoples Community Center for the last 30 years, discusses the center’s work in helping the local youth and families in south central Los Angeles. Ms. Bryant gives insights into the challenges faced by the predominately Hispanic residents of the community and the variety of services provided by All Peoples to meet their needs.

24 June 18: "MBCC's Community Counseling Center" by Jeannie Beaumont

Jeanne Beaumont, Director of the MBCC Community Counseling Center, speaks about the origins of the center 20 years ago, its staff of counselors, and how it actively serves the community today. She explains how the center provides high quality, low cost counseling for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in the South Bay and surrounding communities.

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